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Edmond OK House Wash: Restoring the Beauty of a Stucco Home With Pressure Washing and Manual Cleaning

In the city of Edmond, Oklahoma, nestled within the charm of its neighborhoods, lies a classic stucco house dating back to the 1960s. Weathered by time and the elements, it stood in need of tender care and rejuvenation. Enter our team at 24/7 Power Washer, entrusted with the task of breathing new life into this beloved home through a comprehensive residential house washing project.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the sight of a stucco fa├žade that bore the marks of its age – dauber nests clinging beneath the eaves, vines entwined around its exterior, vine feet all over the stucco and wooden shutters, accumulated red dirt around the base of the house, and dirty composite Spanish tiles on the roof. Our client’s request was clear: a complete restoration, of the house including the roof, walls and interior and exterior windows.

The House Wash Challenge:

Before any pressure washing could commence, the daunting task of addressing the substantial amount of vines and vine feet clinging to the stucco surface had to be tackled. Unlike dead vines, which can be easily removed with pressure washing, live vines present a unique challenge. They just don’t come off as easy. This homeowner was not interested in waiting for them to dry out. He just wanted them gone.

The Solution:

In the face of this challenge, our founder, Jose, rose to the occasion, drawing upon his expertise and ingenuity to devise a solution. He found a method to manually remove the vine feet. Armed with this technique, our team approached the task with determination and precision, painstakingly removing each vine foot by foot, restoring the pristine surface beneath.

The Process:

With the vines and vine feet cleared away, the stage was set for the restorative process to begin in earnest. Utilizing specialized pressure washing equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we embarked on a comprehensive cleansing of the entire exterior. We started with a roof wash.

The front of the houses roof was soft washed. The back part of the house and patio had composite Spanish tiles for the roof. These also were soft washed. They cleaned up very nicely as we restored the roof to its former glory while preserving its structural integrity.
Next, we started to remove some of the dauber nests that were hiding underneath the eaves. Dauber nests were gently removed, ensuring the safety of the home.

The patio, a space for relaxation and enjoyment, received equal dedication. Using our state of the art pressure washing equipment, we meticulously cleansed the surface, banishing dirt, mold, and stains, transforming it into an inviting oasis for outdoor gatherings and leisure.

No detail was too small in our pursuit of perfection. Our team inspected every foot of the house carefully to ensure that we removed all vines, vine feet and dirt.

Last, but not least, the interior and exterior windows, received a thorough cleaning. We polished them, ensuring crystal-clear views and enhancing natural light within the living spaces. Windows can often get overlooked, but having clean windows really just makes such a huge difference in how you feel when you look out of them. We know the importance of this and so, our team took the time to make sure the client’s windows were perfect. We put just as much attention into cleaning his windows as we did removing the vine feet.

The Result:

As the sun set on our final day at the residence, a remarkable transformation had taken place. The stucco house, once dirty, now radiated with renewed vitality, its exterior free from blemish and its roof gleaming under the Oklahoma sky. The patio beckoned with its pristine surface, while the windows sparkled, inviting glimpses of the surrounding beauty into the heart of the home.

In the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma, a timeless stucco house stands as a testament to the power of house washing. Through a comprehensive residential pressure washing project, we had the privilege of breathing new life into this cherished home, restoring its beauty and functionality for years to come. As stewards of our client’s vision, we take pride in our ability to exceed expectations, leaving behind not just a clean exterior, but a legacy of quality and craftsmanship.

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