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Edmond OK Driveway Cleaning

A customer who lives in Edmond, OK contacted us to have his driveway, back patio and walkways cleaned.

Upon inspecting the driveway we found a large parking space adjacent to the driveway that was shaded and exhibited a large area of mold. The long driveway dipped down at the center, which is where a large amount of dirt had accumulated.

Once we had inspected the driveway and saw where the water runoff would drain, we treated the area closest to the house and the parking spots with a detergent and let it sit for a small amount of time. We then took our professional surface cleaner and ran it quickly over the surface of all of the area that had been treated. The mold and dirt came up with ease and was rinsed away. 

We then treated the rest of the driveway with detergent and also let it sit for a short period of time. We took the surface cleaner quickly over the remaining area of the driveway, cleaning the low point last.

We were very happy with the result and so was our customer! 

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